Being at the heart of the community is a value Oxford City FC has held with the highest regard for over 140 years. Always striving to provide world-class facilities, on-site education programmes and wider sporting provisions that all contribute to delivering a well-rounded community hub which can be accessed by all. This brand-new facility will play a key part in the development of the club and will once again, serve the entire Oxfordshire community.
Oxford City Football Club FIFA Quality Pro artificial turf pitch

The Old Surface

Oxford City FC

Oxford City FC’s existing artificial pitch was laid in 2017. The pitch was also used for training and matches by Oxford United’s academy and their women’s team. It had lived its lifespan and the old surface was no longer meeting the required playing characteristics.  After a certain amount of time, every artificial turf pitch needs resurfacing.

The project kicked-off at the end of July, 2023 with PST Sport replacing the existing 106m x 74m pitch. The old turf was removed to make way for a new world-class playing surface, which was subsequently tested to FIFA Quality Pro standards. We also inspected and carried out necessary repairs to the existing shock pad. Pitches with shock pad play better, are more resistant and carpet will last longer The pad protects underneath the grass surface from abrasion and reduces the risk of compaction which again accelerates damage to the fibres and backing.

Oxford City FC all-weather pitch prior to resurfacing

The Most Advanced Football Surface

The club opted for our high-performance TriPlex 45, meeting FIFA Quality Pro standards and lasting for over 10 years. Manufactured by CCGrass, TriPlex 45 combines 3 different shaped yarns, each one focusing on a particular characteristic offering exceptional sports performance. Each yarn has its own specific purpose: one for durability, one for softness, and one for resilience. This unique product combines these three attributes to create a truly cutting edge artificial football turf.

Once completed, the new state-of-the-art surface was independently tested to FIFA Quality Pro standards by Sports Labs Ltd.

Oxford City FC FIFA Quality Pro artificial grass pitch

Oxford City FC artificial turf pitch - FIFA Quality Pro Approved

How PST Sport Can Help You

PST Sport is a Design & Build specialist contractor focusing on the construction of all synthetic sports surfaces and supporting infrastructure (fencing, lighting and access). We design and build the most technologically advanced artificial grass pitches, both green field sites and re-turfing older pitches. We provide a complete construction solution for any pitch development project and offer a complete turnkey solution for any pitch development projects. Contact PST Sport.