PST Sport install high-grade floodlighting systems across the UK and Ireland. Using the most advanced technologies our sports floodlight solutions are tailored for each individual project. We provide detailed site specific light designs that maximise visibility, reduce glare and allow athletes to play better and play safer. Our whole system approach to each project includes service pillars, columns, gears, floodlights, cabling, trenching, mains distribution and control devices.

Benefits of our pitch floodlights

  • PST Sport floodlights offer optimum visibility and improved experience for players;
  • Our lighting systems are really easy to use and the entire system is very easily controlled;
  • Our floodlights are extremely energy efficient, saving you money.

We deal with all design and planning issues removing any hassle from your side to deliver the most advanced floodlighting system. We also deal with any operational matters such as how much light is required for your facility and how it will impact on the surrounding environment. Other factors to consider are minimising installation and maintenance costs while maximising the extra revenue opportunities that a floodlit pitch will bring to your facility.

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Pictured below: Recent floodlight installation projects by PST Sport

Sports floodlights - PST pitch floodlighting

Pictured below: Sports floodlights at The Downs GAA. Project completed October 2018

The Downs - sports floodlights