PST Sport is at the forefront of synthetic grass technological developments and our synthetic grass pitches meet the requirements of all major sporting codes such.

Each PST Sport synthetic grass pitch consists of superior quality synthetic grass carpet installed onto an engineered sub base resulting in an extremely durable, realistic looking playing surface that replicates the best natural grass pitches.

Our synthetic grass comes in 4m wide rolls. Each roll is glued or stitched together on top of an engineered or dynamic stone base. The turf is then infilled with sand only or with rubber depending on the individual project. The pile height of the carpet will depend on what sport will be played on the pitch – our expert team will be happy to advise.

A shock pad is often installed underneath the carpet subject to our client’s budget. Shock pads cushion players’ joints and reduce impact and risk of injury.


Getting Started With Your Synthetic Grass Pitch

If your club, school or organisation has decided to upgrade the facilities and install an synthetic grass pitch you have come to the right place. Deciding to install an all weather pitch is a huge step in the right direction but after this decision has been made we know it can be difficult to know where to go next. There are a lot of aspects that have to be considered:

  1. Pitch Size – the first thing to decide on is the size of the pitch you are looking to install. Knowing this is essential in getting your first quotation but if you do not know what size you are looking for then there is a few issues that have to addressed.
  2. Will there be competitive matches played on your pitch? If your facility is to be used for competitive matches then of course the pitch size will have to meet certain criteria. These dimensions depend on the sport being played. If you are not playing competitive matches then your pitch size can be significantly smaller.
  3. The size of the site you have to install on. If you have a site earmarked to install your facility on then your pitch dimensions will need to fit within this area as well as choosing a size that best utilises this space.
  4. Your budget – if the size of the pitch depends solely on budget and you are unsure of costs then simply contact us (LoCall 1890 253 313 or CONTACT US here) and we can send you a few budgetary quotations with different sizes that will give you a good feel for what is involved. Our team of experts will be more that happy to advise you on what might be best for your project. 

What Option Is Best For You?

There are a few simple questions to think about before selecting your sports surface:

  • The number of hours of daily play on the synthetic grass?
  • What sports do you wish to play on the synthetic turf sport surface?
  • What level of playing performance is required?
  • Does the surface need to self-finance itself through rental?
  • Is a shock-pad necessary under the playing surface?
  • Is there a requirement to achieve a certification for your playing surface?

Check out some of our synthetic grass pitch installations below.

Recently Completed Synthetic Grass Pitches