Kieran Donaghy: How the Values of Sport Continue to Inspire Me

PST Sport - Artificial Grass Supplier & Installer

I can’t remember a time when sport wasn’t a huge part of my life. As you may know football and basketball have been a key part of my life for many years and so far I have been lucky to be able to live out my sporting dreams.

Why am I so passionate about sport? It is the ideals of sport that continue to inspire me – the hard work, the effort, the discipline shown by sports people of all codes & all levels is something that never fails to motivate me. Getting up twice a week at 6.30am for gym sessions and training three times a week on the pitch still does not seem like a chore. The honour of playing beside and against some of the country’s best players as well as the friendships you make along the way make it all worthwhile.

What drew me to PST Sport was the company’s values and I wanted to be able to bring the same level of determination that I have on the pitch & basketball court to the business arena.

PST Sport has a fantastic team that continue to play a part in developing sports & sportspeople of the future through the installation of artificial grass surfaces – whether it’s Chelsea FC’s training ground or a local primary school we are delighted to be playing a part in sports development at all levels.

As Business Development Manager for PST Sport I would be more than happy to talk to your school or club to offer any advice I can if you are thinking of installing an astro turf pitch. Just drop me an email or give me a call and I will follow up straight away. Email me at or call 087 678 5304.

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PST Sport Are At The Heart Of One Of Dublin’s Most Significant Developments

Artificial grass installation project at Beckett Park, Cherrywood

Cherrywood Development, South County Dublin

Cherrywood is one of Dublin’s most significant developments in recent years. Work began earlier this year on the €2 billion Strategic Development Zone in South County Dublin. The self-contained business, leisure, retail and residential centre will be set on a 400 acre site with a pivotal location adjacent to the M50, approximately 8 miles south of Dublin City Centre.

This large scale development will eventually provide 4,000 new homes, a brand new town centre and three new parks set over 82 acres which will act as key recreational and environmental amenities.

The new homes will comprise of a mix of houses, townhouses and apartments and are expected to accommodate up to 15 thousand people. The multi million euro development at Cherrywood will also consist of new offices and retail space as well as a new town centre. Additional works will include new roadways and cycle lanes as well as the planting of over 3,000 mature trees and it’s expected that the brand new suburb will eventually have a population of around 30,000 people.

John Cradock Ltd /Jons Civil Engineering have been contracted to roll out the first phase of the development. These infrastructure works will consist of the development of new roads internally on the site (approx. 5.4km) – with a full drainage network, cycle lanes, greenways, pedestrian footpaths, public lighting as well as 6 major junctions and three substantial sized parks over 82 acres – the 13 acre Beckett Park which is similar in size to Merrion Square, the 22 Acre Tully Park equivalent in size to St Stephen’s Green and the 47 acre Ticknick Park which will be the largest park facility.

PST Sport is delighted to be working with John Cradock Ltd on such a large scale project. We have recently won the contract to install a 7000m artificial grass pitch that will meet major sporting code requirements with shock pad, full groundworks and fencing at Beckett Park. The project will also include the installation of a 600m MUGA suitable for 5-a-side soccer, hockey, basketball etc. as well as a bowling green with 4 no. lanes, each 15x4m.

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5 Benefits of a PST Sport 3G Pitch

Benefits of a 3G pitch - PST Sport

What are the benefits of a PST Sport synthetic grass pitch?

Our third generation artificial grass pitches are extremely durable, can be played on all year round, are easy to maintain and always deliver an outstanding performance.

Durability of a PST Sport 3G pitch

PST Sport 3G synthetic grass pitches are incredibly durable. Our artificial grass pitches can be played on for longer periods and more regularly than natural grass and have perfect playing qualities even after intensive use. A natural grass pitch begins to deteriorate after a certain amount of playing time per season, while synthetic grass can be played on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, depending on good regular maintenance.

Fully available all year round

Intense competition has led to many clubs, both professional and amateur, looking to train in all weather conditions, all year round. Unlike natural grass surfaces, synthetic grass pitches can be played on throughout the year as they are not as affected by adverse weather conditions. A 3G pitch can take in huge amounts of water without flooding, are not damaged by frost and remain in immaculate condition even during the winter months. The result being your teams can train and play in ideal conditions with no bald patches, mud, standing water or soft ground. Your training and match schedule can stand without being weather dependent.

Low maintenance, low cost

Maintaining a natural grass pitch is labour intensive, it has to be regularly cut and lined and requires significant investment of time and money. While regular maintenance is important to preserve the life of your 3G facility, it is a lot easier and more affordable over the long term.

PST Sport will train your ground staff in maintenance procedures and will supply you with a calendar for day to day maintenance. Each year we return and carry out our 8 Step Maintenance Programme to ensure your pitch is playing at its best.

Excellent shock absorption

At PST Sport we fill our 3G grass surfaces with fine silica sand and crumb rubber giving them excellent shock absorption. A shock pad can also be used. Our artificial grass pitches are generally regarded as being as safe to play on as a typical natural grass surface, even safer in cold conditions. The make-up of a 3G yarn and the crumb rubber infill makes moulded and blade football boots the ideal footwear to play in.

Outstanding performance

The soft fibre nature of PST Sport’s 3G artificial grass surface is non-abrasive and is therefore better in contact situations. The pile height will depend on which sport is to be played on the pitch surface. PST Sport’s Terra Turf allows players to play at their best, always delivering an outstanding performance with lower resistance to turning, excellent sliding properties and reduced ball bounce.


If you have any questions about installing a 3G astro turf pitch we’d love to hear from you – CONTACT US. We offer a complete ‘turnkey’ solution and each project is tailored to your specific requirements. PST Sport will guide you through every step of the process from design & planning, drainage & groundworks, right through to installation and maintenance.

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Why Should Your GAA Club Opt for an All Weather Pitch?

PST Sport artificial grass GAA pitch at Skryne GAA

What makes the GAA unique is the fact that it’s the heartbeat of nearly every community nationwide, creating local heroes and developing stars of the future.

Why should your GAA club consider installing a artificial grass pitch?

  • An all weather pitch allows Gaelic footballers and hurlers to do what they do best all year round and without deterioration of the pitch surface. GAA club members at all levels, from underage to the senior team, can train in all seasons regardless of weather or ground conditions.
  •  If floodlit, the pitch can also be used at night time during the winter months.
  • A GAA astro pitch is ideal for training & developing squads especially at under age levels.
  • The reliability & consistency of play when a ball is played in – in terms of ball bounce & ball roll, with the even playing surface of an artificial grass pitch the ball always runs fair and true!
  • Your GAA club can generate increased revenue by hiring out the facility to the local community.

Check out our All Weather Pitches for GAA page.

At PST Sport we specialise in the design, planning and installation of high-grade artificial grass GAA approved pitches all over Ireland and we’ve installed London’s first GAA approved artificial grass pitch. All projects are tailored to your club’s specific needs.

For more information or a free consultation call us today on 1890 253 313 or CONTACT us here. 

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The Difference Between 2G and 3G and How Does 3G Compare With 4G and 5G Synthetic Grass Carpet

PST Sport artificial grass pitch

With improved technology, artificial grass is becoming more and more realistic with almost identical playing characteristics to natural grass pitches. Every aspect of the grass has been improving, from the way it looks and how the grass stands to the bounce of the ball and general playability. Something we often get asked is what is the difference between a 2G and 3G artificial grass pitch and how does 3G compare with 4G and now 5G artificial grass carpet?

2G pitches are sand based pitches and are perfect for hockey and multi use games areas. The pile height is usually less than 24mm and the carpet is extremely durable.

Unlike 2G pitches, a 3G artificial grass pitch is installed using both sand and rubber infill and ideal for football, rugby and GAA. Typically, 3G carpet will feature longer artificial grass and is used in some of the world’s best artificial grass pitches. 3G grass has received accreditation as the latest artificial grass technology.

Some companies state that they offer 4G, 5G (and beyond) technologies in artificial grass. However, officially we haven’t gone beyond 3G and these new terminologies have not been officially rolled out yet. So when you hear people reference the latest innovation of 4th generation and 5th generation artificial grass carpet it’s worth noting that these products have not been officially accredited as new technologies.

If you would like more information about installing a artificial grass sports surface please do not hesitate to contact us.

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The Park Club

Artificial grass installation project at The Park Club London

The Park Club, East Acton in London has been one of PST Sport’s most diverse projects to date. This full design and build project includes a full-size artifiical grass pitch that will meet all major sporting code requirements, sports floodlights, 3 tennis courts, 5 ECB approved cricket wickets with netting and a tarmac net ball court. Phase 1 is completed – 3G pitch, floodlights, netball courts and cricket wickets. Phase 2 is well underway and involves the construction of a Sports Pavilion, access roads and car parks.

After installing a full-size training pitch at Chelsea FC we met Dan White, Managing Director and owner of The Park Club while on a trip to London. Dan, a lifelong Chelsea supporter was very impressed with the works at the Chelsea Cobham Training Ground and struck up a conversation.

Initially we completed the installation of a full-size all weather pitch. This project consisted of 8000m Terra Turf and shock pad including all base works and fencing. Dan was extremely happy with the works carried out, as a result PST Sport were contracted for several additional projects.

Check out what Dan White from The Park Club had to say:

“As the Managing Director and owner of the Park Club, I have been at the forefront of innovative sports facility development for 45 years. In this time, the Hogarth Group opened the first 6 court squash club, with three courts on top of three, in Lambton Place. Following this, we opened the Hogarth Club in 1980, which was the first American style gym in the UK and kicked off the Health Club revolution we see today. The Park Club followed in 2000 and saw an outdoor pool, now de rigeur in all top–end family clubs.

Our latest idea is to combine sports provision to the general public alongside our top-end brand. This means only the finest quality facilities can be considered. Having been out to tender for a 9,000m synthetic grass pitch, I contracted the job to PST for a number of reasons:

  • Technical knowledge
  • Hands-on approach
  • Can do attitude
  • Evident quality of product

The job has been delivered on time and on budget, without any issues whatsoever.

The acid test of any Contractor’s performance is would I use them again? In this case, I will and I am. We are installing two further playing areas in January 2017, which I would normally have put out to tender again, but given the experience with PST, I’m not bothering and am going with Colin and his team.”

Following on from our pitch installation, PST Sport completed 5 ECB approved cricket wickets with netting and a tarmac net ball court followed by the installation of sports floodlights for the full size artificial grass pitch and 3 tennis courts. The PST Sport floodlights consisted of 10 columns and 26 2kw lights.

PST Sport are currently building a 400m Sports Pavilion to include 4 no. dressing rooms and 2 no. referee rooms on the ground floor along with an exercise area and spectator balcony on the first floor. Next on the list is a 5-a-side artificial grass pitch.

Artifiical grass installation at The Park Club - PST Sport - Artificial Grass Suppliers

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Why a PST Sport Pitch is Perfect for your School

St Mels College Longford artificial grass pitch - PST Sport

PST Sport Terra Turf pitches are ideal for schools.

  • The look and feel is completely natural;
  • It provides a year-round, non-slip and safe area for a variety of sports or kids to play;
  • The durability of our Terra Turf artificial grass pitches is second to none making it a solid investment for your school. You can use the pitch 24/7, all year round provided the pitch is maintained correctly. Check out our 8 Step Maintenance Programme;
  • Hiring out your synthetic grass pitch to the local community can also generate additional revenue for your school. This will also help build relationships within the local community and encourage sporting activity.

For more information on various school projects visit Your Schools page.

In 2016 we installed an 1800m artificial grass pitch including fencing and groundworks at St Mels College Longford.

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Ballyoulster United FC

Artificial grass pitch at Ballyoulster United FC

In January 2017 PST Sport installed a full size astro turf pitch at Ballyoulster United FC, Co Dublin. The project included 6,650m of artificial grass, including base works and fencing.

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