A sand-filled artificial grass surface is where the sand and artificial fibres unite to form the characteristics of the playing surface. Sand filled pitches are very popular in schools as they provide a safe, clean surface for children to play on all year round. PST Sport’s MUGA surface is 100% safe and eco-friendly with no rubber infill.

MUGAs can transform a school’s outdoor space and can be used for football, hockey, basketball, volley ball and tennis as well as a range of other sports. Furthermore, they encourage kids to be more active by providing a clean, low-maintenance play area for year-round use. Although MUGAs are not suitable for competitive fixtures they are a great option for play areas.

Why go for an artificial grass multi use games area (MUGA)?

  • MUGAs make it possible to incorporate a number of different sports on a single pitch. A synthetic grass pitch with rubber infill may have better playing characteristics for football, GAA and rugby but would not give a suitable bounce for sports such as Basketball or Tennis. MUGAs accomodate almost all school sports. MUGAs are often seen as a better, more child friendly version of the old tar macadam courts.
  • Having a single area that can be used for a variety of sports is a great asset for a school as it caters for all sporting interests and allows kids to be more active.
  • In schools a MUGA surface would be regarded as a lot cleaner due to only having sand infill. MUGAs, unlike natural grass areas are available all year round.
  • As the area has no rubber infill it is more wheelchair accessible.

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