When installing a hockey pitch, base preparation plays a pivotal role. The nature of the sport means that the game play is heavily reliant on surface conditions. The surface has to be fast, flat and predictable to enable play at high speed and at a top level – a slow pitch can hamper game play considerably.

Our expert team ensures that each artificial hockey pitch is installed to the highest standards and with our vast experience in civil engineering and ground preparation our team can manage the entire project from consultation right through to professional maintenance.

The benefits of installing an artificial grass hockey pitch:

  • PST Sport artificial grass hockey pitches allow players to play to the highest standard as the pitch offers perfect conditions for quick passes and precise ball control.
  • The safe and even surface of the artificial grass hockey pitches allows for a consistent and correct ball roll which is vital in the sport.
  • Maintenance is easy and extremely cost effective.
  • Installing shock pads results in comfortable shock absorption which reduces injuries due to heavy sliding.

Artificial Hockey Pitch at Midleton College

Artificial grass hockey pitch at Midleton College, Cork

Artificial Hockey Pitch at Sullivan Upper School Belfast

Artificial grass hockey pitch installation at Sullivan Upper School Belfast - PST Sport artificial grass specialists
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