Quality & extreme durability

A natural grass pitch begins to deteriorate after a certain amount of play, while an artificial grass pitch can be played on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even in adverse weather conditions and still retain its durability and quality.

Our artificial grass pitches are extremely durable. The PST Sport sub-pitch drainage system is specifically designed to remove any surface water while the various layers offer increased permeability further enhancing drainage.

Low maintenance

An artificial grass pitch doesn’t require regular heavy maintenance compared to the labour-intensive maintenance of a natural grass pitch.

PST Sport Maintenance

Day to day maintenance is also minimal but it’s important to remove any litter. Regular brushing is also advised to redistribute the infill – don’t worry, before project completion our team will train your ground staff in maintenance procedures and will supply you with a calendar for day to day maintenance.

In addition, PST Sport will return each year and carry out our 8 step maintenance programme to ensure your pitch is playing at its best.

Non-abrasive, excellent shock absorption & ball rebound

Our pitch installations include a quality infill system of fine silica sand and crumb rubber which provides excellent shock absorption. This is further enhanced by a specialised shock pad to provide an additional cushioning effect which reduces risk of injury to players.

Our PST Sport Terra Turf is made from non-abrasive fibres while the even playing surface and enhanced ball characteristics mean increased performance and fewer injuries.

Additional Revenue Generator

An artificial grass pitch can provide additional revenue opportunities for your club or school by hiring out your facility.

Many schools and colleges hire out their astro turf facility to the wider community in the evenings and at weekends to generate additional revenue. This benefits everyone – the school/college wouldn’t have been using the pitch anyway and it helps to get the local community more involved and more active.

Why choose PST Sport?