ATC Surface Cleaner for Artificial Grass

ATC surface cleaner for artificial grass maintenance

The ATC Surface Cleaner can only be used on flat, even pitches and it’s ideal for small artificial grass applications. The ATC Surface Cleaner has been specially designed to enable the simple and effective maintenance of astro turf, both indoors and outdoors. Using the ATC Surface Cleaner will produce a clean and tidy surface, free of unwanted particles or other waste, a soft and uniform base and an even playing pitch.

The ATC Surface Cleaner has a 2-metre coverage and can be pulled by a small sit-on mower, an ATV or a similar machine. The ATC Surface Cleaner is made of low maintenance materials: powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel and polycarbonate. No hydraulic or mechanical couplings are required.

The machine consists of the following tools designed specifically for each individual task:

Astro Turf Surface Cleaner

This function removes smaller particles and waste from the playing surface. The ATC Surface Cleaner employs a simple principle: a moving device made from polycarbonate presses into the artificial grass and due to the softness and flexibility of the surface, rubber surface dressing granules, particles etc. are lifted/bounce up onto a sieve.

The sieve is fitted with a ‘shaker wheel’ that creates a rapid side-to-side movement of the sieve. The sieve has a mesh size of approximately 6 x 14 mm. The rubber surface dressing granules fall through the sieve and are re-laid onto the playing surface. Other unwanted particles and objects remain in the sieve mesh.

The pressure setting of the device is infinitely variable and can be adjusted to the number of granules used and the type of artificial grass. Paper, gravel, cigarette butts, torn artificial grass fibres, tape, ice cream sticks, chewing gum, etc. are examples of objects that are removed by the ATC Surface Cleaner.


The ATC Surface Cleaner is equipped with a special tool which is fitted with 60 x 3 mm steel prongs. Their function is to loosen the rubber surface dressing granules in the topmost layer of the surface (10-15 mm). This ensures that the topmost layer of grass and rubber granules remains soft and aerated.

This device is also infinitely adjustable and can be lowered and raised according to requirements. It can also be set to a neutral position so that the tool is not in function, if so desired. If the surface has joints or is damaged, use of the tool should be avoided in these areas.

Brushing Artificial Grass

The ATC Surface Cleaner is fitted with brushes that are specially made for artificial grass. The design and qualities of the brushes ensures that they avoid becoming clogged with loose grass fibres. The brush tool can be infinitely adjusted to the desired depth and height. Brushing ensures an even and level surface.

Technical Specifications:

Length 1,640 mm
Width 2,100 mm
Height 290 mm
Weight 76 kg

PST Sport Drag Brush

Drag brush for astro turf pitch maintenance

If an ATC machine is outside your budget, a more affordable option is the PST Sport Drag Brush. This brush is similar to that on the ATC machine and specially made for artificial grass ensuring an even and level playing surface.

The design of the brush ensures that it doesn’t get clogged with loose artificial grass fibres. The brush tool can be infinitely adjusted to the desired depth and height.

To keep your artificial grass surface in peak condition it’s important to use a drag brush after approx. 30 hours use. This will keep the fibres standing upright and looking natural as well as helping prevent any long-term damage caused by overuse combined with incorrect maintenance.