RTC Tractor for Astroturf Maintenance

RTC Tractor for astro turf maintenance

The RTC Tractor has been designed specifically for artificial grass sports surfaces. This integrated tractor and brush unit is ideal for regular brushing and routine pitch maintenance.

With a 24hp twin cylinder Kawasaki engine you can quickly and effectively brush pitch surfaces, both 3G surfaces and shorter pile height sand filled playing surfaces. The unit’s wings can be easily raised and lowered, and the brushes can be raised and the pressure adjusted using a single control lever.

RTC Tractor & brush for lower pile height astro turf surfaces

When brushes are extended they span a width of 200cm. These floating brushes agitate the infill and re-erect pile.

View our video demonstration to see the RTC Tractor effortlessly maneuver and maintain astro turf pitches.

PST Sport Drag Brush

Drag brush for artificial grass pitch maintenance

If an RTC Tractor is outside your budget, a more affordable option is the PST Sport Drag Brush. This brush is specially made for artificial grass ensuring an even and level playing surface. We have two size options, a 0.8m drag brush and a 1.8m drag brush.

To keep your astroturf pitch in peak condition it’s important to use a drag brush after approx. 30 hours use. This will keep the fibres standing upright and looking natural as well as helping prevent any long-term damage caused by overuse combined with incorrect maintenance.

PST Sport Base Rake

The Base-Rake with tines & brush is ideal for the intensive brushing & de-compaction or filled synthetic carpet systems. The front brush agitates and erects the pile before the tines de-compact the infill material prior to the rear brush preening and levelling the surface leaving it safe and open.

Base rake for artificial grass pitch maintenance - PST Sport


Base rake for artificial grass pitch maintenance - PST Sport

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