The importance of shock pad underneath artificial grass

An additional shock absorbing layer will work together with the infill to provide extra protection and natural cushioning. The result is excellent shock absorption and and better playing characteristics. It also increases the life expectancy of your pitch ensuring it plays better and lasts longer. For football, GAA, rugby and hockey shock pads improve overall performance and reduces the risk of injuries. Shock pads are also hugely important to meet various sporting code regulations.

Pictured below: PST Sport pitch build-up showing shock pad underlay underneath the high performance artificial grass carpet.


How does shock pad increase the lifespan of your artificial grass pitch?

Developments in shock pad technology has meant increased safety, better performance and a longer lifespan for your artificial grass.

The pad protects underneath the grass surface from abrasion and reduces the risk of compaction which again accelerates damage to the fibres and backing.

Shock pads also, to a certain extent, help prevent flattening of the grass as the fibre is being supported to come up again and stay in its original upright position.

Pictured below: High performing shock pad underlay providing natural cushioning and increases the lifespan of your artificial grass pitch

PST Sport shock pads - shock absorbing layer for astro turf pitches

Should I add a shock pad?

There is an additional cost to installing a shock pad. To help you make a decision it would be worth taking the following factors into consideration:

  • What sport(s) will be played on the pitch?
  • Is it a low impact or high contact sport? Could there be a serious injury risk involved if not installed?
  • MUGAs or multi-sport artificial grass pitches tend only to need a sand infill however on a pitch where children are playing an additional shock absorbing layer would be hugely beneficial. The shock pad gives a soft-landing surface for children with varying critical fall heights which are dependent on the type and thickness of the foam used.

Choosing the right shock pad for your astro turf pitch

Choosing the right type of shock pad for your artificial grass pitch is key. There are variations in thicknesses, densities and materials, while some are produced in a factory and mixed and laid on site. Shock pads need to be expertly installed to reap the full benefits.

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