Visit offers the most advanced and trusted synthetic sports turf solutions, backed by PST Sport’s commitment to seamless delivery, exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and on-demand availability.

PST Sport: Ensuring Access to Premium Turf Solutions

This strategic alliance promises an array of advantages for customers. PST Sport will play a pivotal role in supporting CCGrass within the UK synthetic sports turf market, ensuring the availability of premium artificial sports turf like never before.

Having installed over one million meters of CCGrass sports turf, PST Sport brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the partnership, offering complete surface systems and a one-stop solution for synthetic sports turf needs. Customers can expect unparalleled benefits including:

Streamlined Distribution Process for Swift Delivery
PST Sport will streamline the distribution process, handling all shipping, customs, import and associated administration, ensuring that our premium artificial grass products reach you with maximum efficiency.

Exceptional Customer Service
Expect world-class service as PST Sport aligns seamlessly with CCGrass’s mission to provide exceptional products and support.

Competitive Pricing and Cost Savings
Competitive rates on sports turf, leveraging volume discounts.

Faster Delivery Times
With extensive logistics experience in shipping to Ireland and the UK, PST Sport will reduce lead times from factory to site.

On-Demand Stock Availability
PST Sport’s comprehensive inventory ensures quick access to premium sports turf in smaller quantities, meeting customer demands promptly.

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