Civil Engineering

PST Sport has extensive experience and a solid reputation in civil engineering. There are many components required to complete the groundworks correctly for an all-weather pitch.

  • The ground must be excavated to the right level.
  • A correct drainage system must be installed.
  • The type of drainage stone used must be correct.
  • The quantities, types and depth of each grade of stone in the sub base must be correct.
  • The levels and falls are key to the performance of the playing surface. The correct type of laser guided levelling equipment must be used.
  • If fencing and floodlights are being installed, the bases and posts need to be accounted for during groundwork stage.
  • Correct kerbing must be installed.

Astro Turf Cross Section - PST Sport

All the stages of the civil works mentioned above must be carried out correctly to ensure the integrity of the installation is upheld.

Given the nature of the ground, some artificial grass installation projects can be more complicated than others.

We have won some large projects primarily based on our civil engineering experience. See below groundworks stage for full size pitch installation at Beckett Park, Cherrywood.

Groundworks at Beckett Park Cherrywood

PST Sport Groundworks for Artificial Grass Pitch Installation Projects

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