Do Athletes Perform Better and Develop Faster on Artificial Grass?

artificial grass pitch

Do the playing surfaces that we train on week in, week out allow athletes to perform at their best, or do they hold us back from reaching our true athletic potential? There’s no doubt that this is a controversial question, but it is one that players, coaches, and sports lovers everywhere are interested in. If one surface was scientifically proven to be the best, everyone would abandon the alternative and install what is the undeniable best. Unfortunately, this may never be the case. The ongoing debate between artificial grass and natural grass is talked about around the world, with the differences in maintenance, costs, and safety widely discussed. However, the performance aspect of it is rarely questioned.

Some players will always prefer to play on a natural grass pitch over an astro turf surface. Some athletes have even described 3G artificial grass pitches as being hard on player’s legs or they could be tired after playing on a 3G pitch with shock pad. In a recent study PST Sport engaged Kieran Donaghy over several weeks to carry out practical tests on combinations of our carpet and different shock pads laid out in a warehouse with the view to establishing the best combination for Energy Restitution. Kieran then compared how he felt afterwards versus running on concrete, a soft GAA pitch, sand and basketball hard wood floors. Kieran’s findings combined with laboratory reports lead to the shock pad / carpet combination PST Sport now install across Ireland and the UK. We use a high density 10mm pad made from virgin foam thereby guaranteeing uniformity.

Train for longer, all year round

Artificial grass increases the number of times you can train, due to its long lasting and weather resistant nature, which suggests that a player is able to practice his/her skills comfortably, alleviating any worry about the condition of the pitch. If a player passes, bounces or rolls a ball on a well-maintained natural grass pitch, they would find no drastic difference had they done the same movements on an artificial grass pitch. However, a poorly kept natural grass pitch is definitely different from an artificial grass pitch and hinders athletic performance. Athletes can judge the bounce and movement patterns of the ball with ease on an artificial pitch. Bumps, mud, and water patches on a grass pitch negatively impact a player’s ability to judge the ball. These types of grass pitches will only hurt a player’s athletic progression, therefore, an artificial grass pitch is the right solution.

At the end of the day, artificial grass doesn’t hurt the game and it certainly doesn’t make the players worse. It can be very hard to maintain a natural grass pitch to the high standards we see on the television these days, therefore an astroturf pitch is a great option. Artificial grass is not a substitute for natural grass, it’s just the best alternative. Sports clubs, schools, and local authorities should consider an installing an artificial grass pitch.

Read about the financial benefits of installing an artificial grass pitch and learn more about the advantages of synthetic pitches on PST Sport’s website.

PST Sport’s completed & upcoming projects

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How an Artificial Grass Pitch Can Generate Income for Your Club

How Artificial Grass Pitches Can Generate Income for Your Club / PST Sport Artificial Pitches

Installing an artificial grass pitch for your club is not only a better way for your players to continuously train and maximise their potential, it’s also a better way for your club to see steady inflows of revenue. The upfront cost of installing an artificial grass surface may seem a bit high, but in the long run, it can save a lot of money in a number of ways:

Save money on maintenance costs

Artificial grass pitches don’t require a lot of maintenance. The days of watering and mowing the pitch will be long gone. No expensive fertilizers, lawn movers, weed killers, etc. On top of that, the long lasting nature of artificial grass saves money on replanting the natural grass. One hour long training session on natural grass could tear up the pitch so bad that it prevents other teams renting out that pitch for the rest of the week. In addition, matches being called off due to an unplayable surface is almost a weekly occurrence in the winter. Thousands of rural sports clubs all over Ireland & the UK would find it difficult to fund maintaining their natural grass pitches and overtime, sustaining a natural grass pitch can prove too costly for a club.

Increased revenue from renting your artificial grass pitch

Artificial grass pitches are perfect for clubs to rent out to other teams and the general public. The rise in popularity of small sided or 5-a-side football has seen an enormous increase in the demand for artificial grass pitches. A 5-a-side market enables players to keep playing the game they love. Yes, it may be a smaller field, but the spirit of the game remains untouched. The steady accumulation of a few euros or pounds here and there from potentially hundreds of players each week will reap the benefits later on.

PST Sport’s artificial grass pitches provide the perfect solution for clubs, schools, colleges and local authorities who are looking for a high-quality surface to play on all year round.

For a free consultation you can contact us here. Alternatively, T: (066) 717 1918 |

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Why Rugby Clubs Should Consider Artificial Grass Pitches

Artificial Grass Pitch at Mullingar RFC / PST Sport Artificial Grass Installation

There are hundreds of rugby clubs across Ireland, meaning there are hundreds of rugby pitches that need to be maintained. Most clubs would have some sort of an underage or youth set-up and a senior team. Monday through Friday these teams would train twice, if not three times, with a game at the weekend too. This means virtually every day during the rugby season these pitches are broken up, torn apart and essentially ruined in the ‘heat of battle’. On top of that, given Ireland’s unpredictable weather it’s no wonder a number of problems arise with natural grass pitches. The solution to these problems has to be artificial grass.

Artificial grass pitches have become extremely popular over the last number of years, and it’s no secret why. Throughout the world, schools, sports clubs and even local communities have all jumped at the idea of a playing surface that is available all year round, requires little maintenance, and isn’t a victim of bad weather. The developments in the science and technology behind artificial grass fields are improving so rapidly that any initial reservations about them are becoming a thing of the past.

Whether it’s a full 15v15 professional rugby match or a small sided kick around at a local school, the surface remains immaculate from start to finish with artificial grass. With the installation of artificial grass, the problem of mud patches would be eliminated, the drainage system would ensure no puddles, while the field would never again look cut-up.

The artificial grass/shock pad combination is ideal for rugby. Nobody should have to worry about the hardness of the surface anymore. Rugby shock pads add safety, increase the playability of the pitch and ensure that the artificial grass lasts longer. An additional shock absorbing layer works together with the infill to provide extra protection as well as natural cushioning. Every rugby club in Ireland should consider installing an artificial grass pitch, especially given the war-like nature of rugby and the constant collisions with the ground.

In 2015 PST Sport installed two artificial grass pitches at Mullingar RFC and in 2016 the Irish Rugby squad trained there prior to playing England at Twickenham. The pitch was highly praised by Joe Schmidt and the team. Several high profile Irish players said it was the best artificial grass pitch they had ever played on and that it was easier on the legs compared with other artificial grass surfaces.

Find out more about the PST Sport pitch installation project at Mullingar RFC and what the Irish Rugby team thought of the playing surface.

Artificial grass rugby pitches

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Kieran Donaghy: How the Values of Sport Continue to Inspire Me

PST Sport - Artificial Grass Supplier & Installer

I can’t remember a time when sport wasn’t a huge part of my life. As you may know football and basketball have been a key part of my life for many years and so far I have been lucky to be able to live out my sporting dreams.

Why am I so passionate about sport? It is the ideals of sport that continue to inspire me – the hard work, the effort, the discipline shown by sports people of all codes & all levels is something that never fails to motivate me. Getting up twice a week at 6.30am for gym sessions and training three times a week on the pitch still does not seem like a chore. The honour of playing beside and against some of the country’s best players as well as the friendships you make along the way make it all worthwhile.

What drew me to PST Sport was the company’s values and I wanted to be able to bring the same level of determination that I have on the pitch & basketball court to the business arena.

PST Sport has a fantastic team that continue to play a part in developing sports & sportspeople of the future through the installation of artificial grass surfaces – whether it’s Chelsea FC’s training ground or a local primary school we are delighted to be playing a part in sports development at all levels.

As Business Development Manager for PST Sport I would be more than happy to talk to your school or club to offer any advice I can if you are thinking of installing an astro turf pitch. Just drop me an email or give me a call and I will follow up straight away. Email me at or call 087 678 5304.

Meet other members of PST Sport

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PST Sport Are At The Heart Of One Of Dublin’s Most Significant Developments

Artificial grass pitch at Beckett Park, Cherrywood

Cherrywood Development, South County Dublin

Cherrywood is one of Dublin’s most significant developments in recent years. Work began earlier this year on the €2 billion Strategic Development Zone in South County Dublin. The self-contained business, leisure, retail and residential centre will be set on a 400-acre site with a pivotal location adjacent to the M50, approximately 8 miles south of Dublin City Centre.

This large scale development will eventually provide 4,000 new homes, a brand new town centre and three new parks set over 82 acres which will act as key recreational and environmental amenities.

The new homes will comprise of a mix of houses, townhouses, and apartments and are expected to accommodate up to 15 thousand people. The multi million euro development at Cherrywood will also consist of new offices and retail space as well as a new town centre. Additional works will include new roadways and cycle lanes as well as the planting of over 3,000 mature trees and it’s expected that the brand new suburb will eventually have a population of around 30,000 people.

John Cradock Ltd /Jons Civil Engineering has been contracted to roll out the first phase of the development. PST Sport is delighted to be working with John Cradock Ltd on such a large scale project. We have recently won the contract to install a 7000m artificial grass pitch that will meet major sporting code requirements with shock pad, full groundworks, and fencing at Beckett Park. In addition, we will be constructing 6 ITF approved tennis courts with all necessary groundworks and fencing. The project will also include the installation of a 600m MUGA suitable for 5-a-side soccer, hockey, basketball etc. as well as a bowling green with 4 no. lanes, each 15x4m.

PST Sport’s completed & upcoming projects

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5 Benefits of a PST Sport 3G Pitch

Benefits of a 3G pitch - PST Sport

What are the benefits of a PST Sport synthetic grass pitch?

Our third generation artificial grass pitches are extremely durable, can be played on all year round, are easy to maintain and always deliver an outstanding performance.

Durability of a PST Sport 3G pitch

PST Sport 3G synthetic grass pitches are incredibly durable. Our artificial grass pitches can be played on for longer periods and more regularly than natural grass and have perfect playing qualities even after intensive use. A natural grass pitch begins to deteriorate after a certain amount of playing time per season, while synthetic grass can be played on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, depending on good regular maintenance.

Fully available all year round

Intense competition has led to many clubs, both professional and amateur, looking to train in all weather conditions, all year round. Unlike natural grass surfaces, synthetic grass pitches can be played on throughout the year as they are not as affected by adverse weather conditions. A 3G pitch can take in huge amounts of water without flooding, are not damaged by frost and remain in immaculate condition even during the winter months. The result being your teams can train and play in ideal conditions with no bald patches, mud, standing water or soft ground. Your training and match schedule can stand without being weather dependent.

Low maintenance, low cost

Maintaining a natural grass pitch is labour intensive, it has to be regularly cut and lined and requires significant investment of time and money. While regular maintenance is important to preserve the life of your 3G facility, it is a lot easier and more affordable over the long term.

PST Sport will train your ground staff in maintenance procedures and will supply you with a calendar for day to day maintenance. Each year we return and carry out our 8 Step Maintenance Programme to ensure your pitch is playing at its best.

Excellent shock absorption

At PST Sport we fill our 3G grass surfaces with fine silica sand and crumb rubber giving them excellent shock absorption. A shock pad can also be used. Our artificial grass pitches are generally regarded as being as safe to play on as a typical natural grass surface, even safer in cold conditions. The make-up of a 3G yarn and the crumb rubber infill makes moulded and blade football boots the ideal footwear to play in.

Outstanding performance

The soft fibre nature of PST Sport’s 3G artificial grass surface is non-abrasive and is therefore better in contact situations. The pile height will depend on which sport is to be played on the pitch surface. PST Sport’s Terra Turf allows players to play at their best, always delivering an outstanding performance with lower resistance to turning, excellent sliding properties and reduced ball bounce.

View our completed projects


If you have any questions about installing a 3G astro turf pitch we’d love to hear from you – CONTACT US. We offer a complete ‘turnkey’ solution and each project is tailored to your specific requirements. PST Sport will guide you through every step of the process from design & planning, drainage & groundworks, right through to installation and maintenance.

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Why Should Your GAA Club Opt for an All Weather Pitch?

PST Sport artificial grass GAA pitch at Skryne GAA

What makes the GAA unique is the fact that it’s the heartbeat of nearly every community nationwide, creating local heroes and developing stars of the future.

Why should your GAA club consider installing a artificial grass pitch?

  • An all weather pitch allows Gaelic footballers and hurlers to do what they do best all year round and without deterioration of the pitch surface. GAA club members at all levels, from underage to the senior team, can train in all seasons regardless of weather or ground conditions.
  •  If floodlit, the pitch can also be used at night time during the winter months.
  • A GAA astro pitch is ideal for training & developing squads especially at underage levels.
  • The reliability & consistency of play when a ball is played in – in terms of ball bounce & ball roll, with the even playing surface of an artificial grass pitch the ball always runs fair and true!
  • Your GAA club can generate increased revenue by hiring out the facility to the local community.

Check out our All Weather Pitches for GAA page.

At PST Sport we specialise in the design, planning, and installation of high-grade artificial grass GAA approved pitches all over Ireland and we’ve installed London’s first GAA approved artificial grass pitch. All projects are tailored to your club’s specific needs.

For more information or a free consultation call us today on T: (066) 717 1918 | Email: or CONTACT us here. 

Featured GAA Installation – Le Chéile Secondary School

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The Park Club

Artificial grass installation project at The Park Club London

The Park Club (Club Des Sports) in East Acton, London has been one of PST Sport’s biggest projects to date. After installing a full-size training pitch at Chelsea FC, PST Sport’s MD Colin Teahon met Dan White, Managing Director and owner of Club Des Sports and The Park Club while on a trip to London. Dan, a lifelong Chelsea supporter was very impressed with the works at the Chelsea Cobham Training Ground and struck up a conversation. View details of Chelsea project

Initially we completed the installation of a full-size all weather pitch at the club. This project consisted of 8,000m Terra Turf and shock pad, including all base works and fencing. Dan was extremely happy with the works carried out, as a result PST Sport were contracted for several additional projects.

The overall project incorporating Phase 1 & Phase 2 will include a full-size artificial grass pitch, 3 tennis courts, 5 cricket wickets, sports floodlights, a sports pavillion, access roads and car parks.

View full details of the Club Des Sports project including what Dan White had to say.

If you have a project you would like to discuss with our team we would love to hear from you. T: (066) 717 1918 or Email: Alternatively, you can contact us directly via our contact us page.

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Why a PST Sport Pitch is Perfect for your School

St Mels College Longford artificial grass pitch - PST Sport

PST Sport Terra Turf pitches are ideal for schools.

  • The look and feel is completely natural;
  • It provides a year-round, non-slip and safe area for a variety of sports or kids to play;
  • The durability of our Terra Turf artificial grass pitches is second to none making it a solid investment for your school. You can use the pitch 24/7, all year round provided the pitch is maintained correctly. Check out our 8 Step Maintenance Programme;
  • Hiring out your synthetic grass pitch to the local community can also generate additional revenue for your school. This will also help build relationships within the local community and encourage sporting activity.

For more information on various school projects, visit Your Schools page.

In 2016 we installed an 1800m artificial grass pitch including fencing and groundworks at St Mels College Longford.

What schools have worked with PST Sport

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