PST Sport’s Synthetic Turf Granted World Sport’s Top Status

synthetic turf rugby pitch at Clongowes

PST Sport is delighted to announce that our artificial grass partners CoCreation Grass Corporation have been appointed as a Preferred Synthetic Turf Producer by World Rugby. This milestone means that CCGrass is now one of only three manufacturers worldwide with Preferred Producer status for FIFA, FIH & World Rugby highlighting our companies continued commitment to superior quality and excellence.

This appointment strengthens our offering to our customer base as Preferred Turf Producer status means that the manufacture, installation and maintenance of rugby pitches are in conformance with World Rugby regulations. This ensures that all PST Sport rugby pitch projects will have achieved specific performance criteria and attained key player welfare characteristics upon completion, an aspect that will see us continue to become the market leaders in artificial pitches.

Speaking at the announcement, World Rugby Head of Technical Services Mark Harrington said:

“We are delighted to be welcoming CCGrass to our global programme of referred Turf Producers having met the required standards. With a substantial global reach and significant expertise, they will assist the growth and development of rugby worldwide.

“The promotion of multi-sport facilities is a cornerstone of the development of our sport in both established and new markets. It is also recognised that the key performance measure of these fields should be focused on player welfare and the pitches delivered through this programme meet rigorous welfare and performance standards.”

PST Sport and CCGrass have a long standing and successful partnership since 2012. This partnership has grown focusing on sport at a grass roots level and staying true to our common values such as integrity, transparency and superior quality.

With multiple full size artificial grass pitches (three in 2017) tested and approved to World Rugby standards across Ireland and UK, PST Sport is committed to providing the highest level of player experience. We offer a complete product range and comprehensive service to all clients providing tailor made solutions for each project.

Colin Teahan, Managing Director of PST Sport added:

It is our commitment to long-term sports development through core elements of athlete performance & welfare that will ensure that PST Sport continue to provide all weather pitches and floodlighting systems at exceptional value and to a world-class standard while always exceeding customer expectations.

Check out some of our recent projects.

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The Difference Between 2G & 3G and How Does 3G Compare With a 4G Pitch

With improved technology, artificial grass is becoming more and more realistic with almost identical playing characteristics to natural grass sports surfaces. Every aspect of the grass has been improving, from the way it looks and how the grass stands to the bounce of the ball and general playability. Something we often get asked is what is the difference between a 2G and 3G artificial grass pitch and how does 3G compare with a 4G pitch?

2G second generation pitches are sand based and are perfect for hockey and multi-use games areas. The pile height is usually less than 24mm.

A 3G third generation artificial grass pitch is installed using both sand and rubber infill and ideal for football, rugby, and GAA. Typically, 3G carpet has a longer pile height (carpet pile height can vary from 40mm to 65mm) and is used in some of the world’s best artificial grass pitches. 3G grass has received accreditation as the latest artificial grass technology.

What is a 4G Pitch?

Some companies state that they offer 4G astroturf pitches and beyond technologies in artificial grass. However, officially we haven’t gone beyond 3G. While 4G fields do exist, surfaces similar to 3G but without crumb rubber, these new terminologies have not been officially rolled out yet and are not recognized by any sports governing bodies. So when you hear people reference the latest innovation of 4th generation artificial grass carpet it’s worth noting that these products have not been officially accredited as new technologies.

If you would like more information about installing an artificial grass sports surface please get in touch.

Read more about the benefits of PST Sport artificial grass

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Extending the Lifespan of your 3G Pitch.

3G pitch rejuvenation

Regular maintenance of a 3G surface is crucial for consistent performance and to maximise the lifespan of the synthetic surface.

One of the main concerns is when the infill gets compacted. This makes the surface quite hard and unforgiving and will impact significantly on player performance.

3G Rejuvenation

Due to the natural process of rubber migration a 3G pitch can lose several millimetres of rubber infill over a 4-year period. Proactive clubs are now realising the potential of rejuvenating the surface & adding extra infill. This will not only extend the life of your pitch but also keep it playing at an optimum level all year round.

Contact Ruairi our maintenance co-ordinator today for a quote: T: (066) 717 1918 E:


PST Sport have also developed an 8 Step Maintenance Programme to restore the appearance and performance of your 3G pitch. 

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Why Maintenance is Important for your Artificial Grass Pitch

PST Sport Artificial Grass Pitch Maintenance

Although artificial grass is a low maintenance product, it is not completely maintenance free. By carrying out regular maintenance you will ensure that your pitch stands up to wear and tear while performing better and more consistently. A well maintained artificial grass pitch will give players a better playing experience and reduce the risk of sustaining injuries.

The Main Problem – Infill Compaction

The main concern with poorly maintained synthetic grass pitches is compaction of the sand and rubber infill. When the infill is compacted it makes the surface hard and unforgiving which significantly impacts on the performance of the pitch. This compaction of the infill can also lead to the flattening of the artificial grass fibres. As a result the playing experience will be greatly reduced and players will be more prone to injury. Over time this might, in turn, reduce the commercial rental value of your pitch.

What Can PST Sport Do For Your Pitch?

PST Sport’s 8 Step Maintenance Programme should be carried out at least once a year to ensure your pitch is performing at its best. Our maintenance programme involves de-compacting, filtering and re-dispersing the infill to return your pitch to it’s optimum condition. We also measure the infill levels before and after which can see an increase of 10mm-15mm. Infill can sometimes migrate from the surface due to usage or weather conditions and measuring the infill will indicate whether your pitch requires some additional infill to return the levels to their original condition. Our maintenance programme will leave your surface soft and clean with its fibres standing upright. We also check the seams and lines for any damage and repair any that are found.

PST Sport’s 8 Step Maintenance Programme

What Can You Do For Your Pitch?

While it’s essential that PST Sport carry out specialist maintenance annually at least, you can also conduct regular maintenance yourself. Rubbish, leaves and chewing gum should be removed weekly to prevent the pitch becoming dirty and clogged. After every 30 hours of use the surface should be brushed to agitate the infill and keep the artificial grass fibres standing upright. PST Sport can provide you with specialist maintenance equipment for your pitch.

PST Sport’s Maintenance Equipment

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Clongowes Wood College Announce Project With PST Sport

Kieran Donaghy PST Sport and Chris Lumb Headmaster Clongowes Wood College

Clongowes Wood College, Clane, Co Kildare has announced that Tralee based PST Sport has been awarded the contract to resurface the all-weather pitch at the school. PST Sport is the leading Irish company in this specialist field with offices in Tralee and London.

The project will involve the upgrading of the pitch with the very latest surface in synthetic turf technology. The completed pitch will comply with World Rugby’s 2017 handbook for synthetic grass pitches. Work will begin on the project in late November and will be complete in January 2018.

The current artificial surface in Clongowes is used widely by students at the all-boys boarding school, as well as local sports groups. The pitch, known as the VMP, is named after the late Vinnie Murray from Clane, Co Kildare – former Assistant Headmaster and Senior Cup Winning Rugby coach at the College and who passed away in 1999.

The decision to engage PST Sport to bring the VMP surface up to the highest World Rugby standards constitutes a significant investment for the school, one which was made possible in part by the generosity of parents and friends of Clongowes.

Once completed the facility will be available for use by the local community sporting groups and visiting teams from schools and clubs. The redevelopment of the VMP will come just weeks after the opening of the new 25m indoor swimming pool at the college.

“The VMP all-weather pitch is one of our key sporting facilities here at Clongowes and we were keen to ensure that its redevelopment would bring it to the highest standards. We are happy that PST Sport will deliver a top-class surface that will be enjoyed by our students and the local community.”

Mr. Chris Lumb, Headmaster at Clongowes Wood College

“This really is such an exciting project for us; our entire team is ready to deliver a world-class facility at Clongowes”

PST Sport’s Business Development Manager, Kieran Donaghy

“We are extremely excited and honoured to have been awarded the contract to upgrade the VMP surface here at Clongowes Wood College. We’re looking forward to bringing our cutting-edge techniques in artificial grass installation to Clongowes and to playing our part in the development of future sports stars at such a prestigious school”.

Colin Teahan, Managing Director of PST

About Clongowes Wood College SJ

Clongowes Wood College SJ is a leading all boys boarding school in Clane, Co Kildare. Founded in 1814 by the Jesuits, the College has been at the forefront of Irish education for over 200 years. The school of 450 boys from Ireland and further afield provides an all-round boarding education with emphasis on academic development, a wide ranging co-curricular programme and the personal growth of its students in the Jesuit ethos.


Photo: Clongowes Headmaster Mr Chris Lumb with Kieran Donaghy, Business Development Manager PST Sport.

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Sports Capital Grants

Sports Capital Grants projects

Updated on November 30th 2017: The Sports Capital Grants were announced today. This is a massive boost to sports organisations right around the country with a total of €56m being distributed to clubs & authorities. If you need any help in any way, please get in touch. T: (066) 717 1918 | Email:

2017 has seen a record number of Sports Capital Grant applications seeking funding from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport’s Capital Programme. This year over 2,300 clubs and sports organisations, the highest number ever, completed applications seeking financial assistance to develop sporting facilities. In fact, such is the demand that this year’s Sport Capital Grants budget has been doubled to €60 million, a very welcome decision by the Minister for Transport and Sport. This will have a significant impact on sporting facilities right across the country.

In recent years PST Sport has worked with clients on numerous projects that were made possible by the Sports Capital Programme. Our services include initial consultation and design, drainage, base works, civil engineering, right through to installation. The team works closely with each client ensuring they are fully involved in, and guided through all stages of planning, design, installation, launch and maintenance. To date our feedback from clients has been exceptional – view TESTIMONIALS.

Our Sport’s Capital Grant assisted projects have included:

  • A full size artificial grass hockey pitch at Midleton College
  • Development of the astro turf pitch at Albion Rovers FC
  • Floodlights for a full-size pitch and a 3790m artificial grass pitch at St Mochtas FC
  • A 5,600m artificial grass pitch at Cahir Park FC including groundworks, fencing, netting and floodlights
  • Full size and training pitches at Mullingar RFC including groundworks, shock pad, 60mm carpet and fencing
  • 3,150m artificial grass sports surface at Tullow Community College
  • Full size pitch, floodlights, fencing and netting at Cherry Orchard FC
  • A 6,650m astro turf pitch at Ballyoulster United AFC
  • 2,000m pitch at Skryne GAA
  • Pitch development at St Kevins Boys FC including 7,650m artificial grass, groundworks, fencing, netting and floodlights
  • Full size football pitch with 7,500m artificial grass carpet including shock pad at Stella Maris FC
  • 2,400m resurface at College Corinthians FC
  • 2,200m pitch at Doheny GAA, including groundworks, fencing, netting, and floodlights
  • 1,000m artificial grass pitch, including groundworks, fencing, netting, floodlights and retaining walls at Ballyhar Dynamos
  • 1,600m artificial grass pitch with groundworks, fencing, netting, floodlights and a hurling wall at FON Ballymacoda
  • Full size 7,700m pitch at Dublin’s Larkview Boys FC including groundworks, shock pad, fencing and ball stop netting

Check out the short video below highlighting some of our artificial grass installation projects aided by the Sports Capital Programme.

If you have a project you would like to discuss with us we would love to hear from you. T: (066) 717 1918 | Email:

You can view our full list of PROJECTS here.

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How Tralee Company is Helping Irish Sport Beat the Winter Blues

Artificial grass pitches helping clubs beat the winter blues

Thanks to Tralee Outlook for the recent coverage highlighting the importance of artificial grass pitches, especially at this time of the year.

As we head into the winter months it gets harder to arrange training and practice matches on pitches due to the weather. Artificial grass pitches around the country become the go-to choice for clubs and schools to ensure that team development can continue even as the longer nights draw in.

And it is this ideal that drives on the Tralee-based PST Sport team who have established themselves as the leading installer of artificial grass pitches in Ireland.

“Week-in, week-out we saw matches being called off due to waterlogged pitches. We recognised straight away the increasing demand for high quality 3G pitches and we felt we could fill this demand and give everyone a level playing field, and let them play the sport they want to, rain or shine.”

said PST Sport’s MD Colin Teahon.

Having major clients such as Chelsea FC certainly proves how PST Sport are blazing a trail in the global sporting world but as Kerry GAA legend and PST Sport Business Development Manager Kieran (Star) Donaghy explains, the company’s commitment is to help to develop sport across all levels, whatever the season:

“Especially at this time of the year alot of teams are hampered by the weather and in turn, poor playing surfaces. Personally, I’ve gone through the slog of trying to prepare for games or the season ahead during the winter months and it can become a real torture due to the weather. You might end up with training getting cancelled or having to move pitches at the last minute because the pitch you’re meant to be training on hasn’t been able to handle those two days of driving rain.

On an artificial grass pitch you’re guaranteed the same playing experience regardless of whether it’s been raining solid for the week or not. Consistency of play is excellent. If you’re getting a reliable, consistent ball into you each time, it can only improve you as a player”

The cutting-edge installation techniques that PST Sport use mean that their playing surfaces meet the requirements of major sporting bodies. The company also specialise in the installation of sports floodlights and have recently won the contract to install floodlights at the new Kerry GAA Centre of Excellence in Currans.

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PST Sport Development at Beckett Park, Cherrywood

Development of artificial grass facility at Beckett Park Cherrywood

PST Sport is playing a key role in Cherrywood, one of Dublin’s most significant developments in recent years. Once complete, Cherrywood will be a self-contained business, leisure, retail and residential centre. The development has a pivotal location, set on a 400-acre site, adjacent to the M50 and approximately 8 miles south of Dublin City Centre. In addition to 4000 new homes, offices and retail space, there will be three substantial sized parks, set over 82 acres which will act as key recreational and environmental amenities.

Full Size 3G Pitch, 6 Tennis Courts, Multi Use Games Area & More

PST Sport will be working alongside John Cradock Ltd /Jons Civil Engineering who were extremely impressed at the level of expertise and experience demonstrated by our dedicated team coupled with our commitment to delivering high-quality artificial grass pitches and playing surfaces. Our use of custom tailored and cutting-edge installation techniques which we’ve demonstrated via numerous large-scale projects throughout Ireland and the UK meant that PST Sport was the strongest candidate. Check out some of our previous projects here.

PST Sport’s mission is to be part of sports development at a grassroots level and to help enhance the lives of people through the provision of high-quality, all-weather, year-round sports facilities. Being part of such an exciting project keeps us fully in line with our vision of creating a healthier and sports-focused society. We look forward to delivering our premier artificial grass pitches and playing surfaces to this region of South County Dublin.

The Project

Artificial grass facility at Beckett Park, Cherrywood

The project at Beckett Park is for the delivery of a 7000 sq/m 3G artificial grass pitch with shock pad, full groundworks and fencing. The project also includes the installation of a 600m MUGA suitable for 5-a-side soccer, hockey, basketball etc. as well as a bowling green with 4 no. lanes, each 15x4m. In addition, we will be constructing 6 ITF approved tennis courts with all necessary groundworks and fencing.

On completion, the surfaces will meet the highest global accreditations for football, rugby, GAA and tennis. Similar to PST Sport’s full size 3G pitch installation at Chelsea Football Club’s Cobham Training Ground, Cherrywood residents will benefit from our highly advanced artificial grass systems and installation techniques.

If you have a project and would like to see how PST Sport can help, contact us for a free consultation.

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How Artificial Grass Pitches Play a Key Role in the Development of GAA

Kieran Donaghy & Dara O Cinneide talk about artificial grass pitches

Watch as PST Sport’s Kieran Donaghy talks to TG4 Presenter & former GAA star Dara Ó’Cinnéide about the key role played by artificial grass pitches in the development of GAA today.

Kieran outlines the importance of elements such as firm underfoot conditions for players and highlights how PST Sport undergoes rigorous testing from GAA authorities in order to mirror the playing experience of Croke Park on matchday.

They also discuss how GAA clubs of all sizes around Ireland are now incorporating artificial pitches into their current and future developments with the demand for high quality facilities increasing as the levels of training and preparation for GAA at all levels continues to grow and evolve.

Also shown in the video are artificial grass pitches that PST Sport constructed for Le Chéile Secondary School (full size GAA pitch), Mullingar RFC and Cherry Orchard FC.

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Meet PST Sport’s Intern – Vicky Teh

PST Sport's intern Vicky Teh

The PST Sport team have plenty of experience and quality education behind them. With each member of the team having strong knowledge of their field, whether in carpet installation, groundworks, finance, sales, and marketing, or quantity surveying, PST Sport is the ideal company for young, talented students to learn the tricks of the trade and gain valuable, real-life experience in the work force. Vicky Teh, who joined the company almost a year ago on work placement, is proof of just that.

Vicky’s Story

After completing a Diploma in Quantity Surveying, Vicky decided to study abroad for her degree programme. The counselor team from her previous college in Malaysia, Tar University College (TARUC) Penang Branch, recommended that Vicky further her studies (Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Quantity Surveying) in Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT), Ireland. This honours degree programme consists of a 12-month work placement in Year 3 of the programme which is called an ‘Active Learning Year’, which provides the opportunity to gain experience in the real-life construction industry. This is what brought Vicky to PST Sport.

Vicky has been working at PST Sport since October 2016 and has become a very valuable member of the team. She says it was a challenging starting point to study abroad in Ireland. Jokingly, Vicky claimed she had difficulties in understanding the Irish accent because everyone talks too fast. However, after a couple months of being treated well by the team and becoming more accustomed to the local accent, she is enjoying her time in Tralee, saying that her overseas journey to this point has been “unforgettable and life-changing.”

Her thoughts on artificial grass

Vicky admits to her lack of knowledge of artificial grass before working at PST Sport. In her home country of Malaysia, artificial grass is rarely seen, which sparked her curiosity about the product. After almost eleven months on placement, Vicky now understands the need for artificial grass and even encourages people in her home country to use it, as she says,

“As far as I can tell installing the artificial grass surfaces is convenient for everyone. This surface increases the awareness of the long term environmental and economic benefits. It is easier to maintain and pesticide-free. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass does not require any treatment with pesticide or fertiliser.”

“Furthermore, artificial grass has a more even playing surface than natural grass. This shows that the durability of artificial grass can minimise injuries. A good drainage system also helps to increase the playability of the artificial grass. It can be played on all the time no matter if it is a sunny or rainy day because a wet and muddy field may ruin a sports activity. This situation always happens in Malaysia and it spoils the fun. I hope that this great technique of artificial grass installation can be implemented in Malaysia in the near future.”

PST Sport

Vicky views PST Sport as a company run by a responsible, experienced and effective operation team. She says, “Our team is friendly and helpful on all inquiries about the installation of artificial grass, floodlights, fencing, and maintenance as well. We offer a high quality service on each pitch and garden installation to meet clients’ satisfaction. This ensures PST Sport becomes more popular around Ireland and UK.” Our slogan, ‘Your Pitch, Our Passion’, represents the company well, according to Vicky, as she says, “PST Sport take responsibility in taking care of all your pitches and lawns to ensure everyone can have fun with their family and friends. PST Sport is your best choice for reliable artificial grass.”

Vicky has become a vital part of what we do at PST Sport and a great person to have around the Tralee office. Everyone at PST Sport is glad to have her on board with us.

To meet the rest of our highly-skilled team, click here.

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