Why a PST Sport Pitch is Perfect for your School

St Mels College Longford artificial grass pitch - PST Sport

PST Sport Terra Turf pitches are ideal for schools.

  • The look and feel is completely natural;
  • It provides a year-round, non-slip and safe area for a variety of sports or kids to play;
  • The durability of our Terra Turf artificial grass pitches is second to none making it a solid investment for your school. You can use the pitch 24/7, all year round provided the pitch is maintained correctly. Check out our 8 Step Maintenance Programme;
  • Hiring out your synthetic grass pitch to the local community can also generate additional revenue for your school. This will also help build relationships within the local community and encourage sporting activity.

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In 2016 we installed an 1800m artificial grass pitch including fencing and groundworks at St Mels College Longford.

What schools have worked with PST Sport

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