Building Better Pitch Bases

PST Sport synthetic sport pitch bases

With over 12 years’ experience building state-of-the-art synthetic sports surfaces we understand that the work below ground is a critical element in constructing a synthetic grass pitch to guarantee its longevity. Innovation has been a huge factor in our success to date. Years of research and development has delivered a pioneering synthetic grass surface and new pitch subbase design, making a PST Sport pitch unique and more technologically advanced than all others.

We have developed a pioneering subbase design ensuring pitch stability for the long term and removing all uncertainty pre-construction. By working closely with our clients, we can offer a tailor-made solution unlike any other available in the market.

Synthetic turf pitch bases

Pictured above: Groundworks phase for some of our recently completed projects; (top left) Munster Rugby Irish Independent Park, Cork; (top right) Carrigaline United FC, Cork; (bottom) St. Vincent’s GAA, Dublin. We build pitches from the ground up. The project below ground is just as important as what goes on top. A well-built base will extend the lifespan of your pitch.

If you have a pitch project that you want to discuss our team would love to hear from you. T: (066) 717 1918 or Email: You can also get in touch via our CONTACT US page.