Pictured below: Aerial image of astro pitch at Cahir Park AFC
Cahir Park AFC astro pitch
Pictured below: Cahir Park AFC ready for a summer tournament
Astro pitch at Cahir Park FC installed by PST Sport

Client Feedback

Sean Coffey, a member of the Cahir Park AFC Development Committee, had this to say about PST Sport and their new astro pitch:

“We recently developed a full sized all-weather soccer pitch at our grounds in Cahir. From the initial tendering process (we received submissions from eight different companies) it became abundantly clear that PST Sport were the most professional of all of entities vying for the project and the most passionate about our project.

As a club, we went to extraordinary lengths to understand the technical aspects of all-weather surfaces, rubber infill, and lighting. PST offered us the most transparent and independent verification of their products. In addition, we took up a number of references on PST’s previous projects, some reference points were provided by PST but others we took up ourselves including one from Chelsea FC in Cobham Surrey. Without exception each reference was exemplary. We chose a surface that was demonstrable of a much higher specification than the competition and in addition offered exceptional value.

The construction phase ran like clockwork and the very small in number ‘snags’ were quickly remedied. We are delighted with our completed project, thanks to advice from PST unnecessary cost was avoided and the project completed for less than what had been agreed under contract. In closing, I would have no hesitation in recommending PST to any organisation considering such a project and would welcome them to Cahir to witness firsthand the completed facility of which we are proud.”

Sean Coffey,
Cahir Park AFC

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Astro pitch at Cahir Park FC by PST Sport