Why Rugby Clubs Should Consider Artificial Grass Pitches

Artificial Grass Pitch at Mullingar RFC / PST Sport Artificial Grass Installation

There are hundreds of rugby clubs across Ireland, meaning there are hundreds of rugby pitches that need to be maintained. Most clubs would have some sort of an underage or youth set-up and a senior team. Monday through Friday these teams would train twice, if not three times, with a game at the weekend too. This means virtually every day during the rugby season these pitches are broken up, torn apart and essentially ruined in the ‘heat of battle’. On top of that, given Ireland’s unpredictable weather it’s no wonder a number of problems arise with natural grass pitches. The solution to these problems has to be artificial grass.

Artificial grass pitches have become extremely popular over the last number of years, and it’s no secret why. Throughout the world, schools, sports clubs and even local communities have all jumped at the idea of a playing surface that is available all year round, requires little maintenance, and isn’t a victim of bad weather. The developments in the science and technology behind artificial grass fields are improving so rapidly that any initial reservations about them are becoming a thing of the past.

Whether it’s a full 15v15 professional rugby match or a small sided kick around at a local school, the surface remains immaculate from start to finish with artificial grass. With the installation of artificial grass, the problem of mud patches would be eliminated, the drainage system would ensure no puddles, while the field would never again look cut-up.

The artificial grass/shock pad combination is ideal for rugby. Nobody should have to worry about the hardness of the surface anymore. Rugby shock pads add safety, increase the playability of the pitch and ensure that the artificial grass lasts longer. An additional shock absorbing layer works together with the infill to provide extra protection as well as natural cushioning. Every rugby club in Ireland should consider installing an artificial grass pitch, especially given the war-like nature of rugby and the constant collisions with the ground.

In 2015 PST Sport installed two artificial grass pitches at Mullingar RFC and in 2016 the Irish Rugby squad trained there prior to playing England at Twickenham. The pitch was highly praised by Joe Schmidt and the team. Several high profile Irish players said it was the best artificial grass pitch they had ever played on and that it was easier on the legs compared with other artificial grass surfaces.

Find out more about the PST Sport pitch installation project at Mullingar RFC and what the Irish Rugby team thought of the playing surface.

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