5 Benefits of a PST Sport 3G Pitch

Benefits of a 3G pitch - PST Sport

What are the benefits of a PST Sport synthetic grass pitch?

Our third generation artificial grass pitches are extremely durable, can be played on all year round, are easy to maintain and always deliver an outstanding performance.

Durability of a PST Sport 3G pitch

PST Sport 3G synthetic grass pitches are incredibly durable. Our artificial grass pitches can be played on for longer periods and more regularly than natural grass and have perfect playing qualities even after intensive use. A natural grass pitch begins to deteriorate after a certain amount of playing time per season, while synthetic grass can be played on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, depending on good regular maintenance.

Fully available all year round

Intense competition has led to many clubs, both professional and amateur, looking to train in all weather conditions, all year round. Unlike natural grass surfaces, synthetic grass pitches can be played on throughout the year as they are not as affected by adverse weather conditions. A 3G pitch can take in huge amounts of water without flooding, are not damaged by frost and remain in immaculate condition even during the winter months. The result being your teams can train and play in ideal conditions with no bald patches, mud, standing water or soft ground. Your training and match schedule can stand without being weather dependent.

Low maintenance, low cost

Maintaining a natural grass pitch is labour intensive, it has to be regularly cut and lined and requires significant investment of time and money. While regular maintenance is important to preserve the life of your 3G facility, it is a lot easier and more affordable over the long term.

PST Sport will train your ground staff in maintenance procedures and will supply you with a calendar for day to day maintenance. Each year we return and carry out our 8 Step Maintenance Programme to ensure your pitch is playing at its best.

Excellent shock absorption

At PST Sport we fill our 3G grass surfaces with fine silica sand and crumb rubber giving them excellent shock absorption. A shock pad can also be used. Our artificial grass pitches are generally regarded as being as safe to play on as a typical natural grass surface, even safer in cold conditions. The make-up of a 3G yarn and the crumb rubber infill makes moulded and blade football boots the ideal footwear to play in.

Outstanding performance

The soft fibre nature of PST Sport’s 3G artificial grass surface is non-abrasive and is therefore better in contact situations. The pile height will depend on which sport is to be played on the pitch surface. PST Sport’s Terra Turf allows players to play at their best, always delivering an outstanding performance with lower resistance to turning, excellent sliding properties and reduced ball bounce.

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If you have any questions about installing a 3G astro turf pitch we’d love to hear from you – CONTACT US. We offer a complete ‘turnkey’ solution and each project is tailored to your specific requirements. PST Sport will guide you through every step of the process from design & planning, drainage & groundworks, right through to installation and maintenance.