Why Maintenance is Important for your Artificial Grass Pitch

PST Sport Artificial Grass Pitch Maintenance

Although artificial grass is a low maintenance product, it is not completely maintenance free. By carrying out regular maintenance you will ensure that your pitch stands up to wear and tear while performing better and more consistently. A well maintained artificial grass pitch will give players a better playing experience and reduce the risk of sustaining injuries.

The Main Problem – Infill Compaction

The main concern with poorly maintained synthetic grass pitches is compaction of the sand and rubber infill. When the infill is compacted it makes the surface hard and unforgiving which significantly impacts on the performance of the pitch. This compaction of the infill can also lead to the flattening of the artificial grass fibres. As a result the playing experience will be greatly reduced and players will be more prone to injury. Over time this might, in turn, reduce the commercial rental value of your pitch.

What Can PST Sport Do For Your Pitch?

PST Sport’s 8 Step Maintenance Programme should be carried out at least once a year to ensure your pitch is performing at its best. Our maintenance programme involves de-compacting, filtering and re-dispersing the infill to return your pitch to it’s optimum condition. We also measure the infill levels before and after which can see an increase of 10mm-15mm. Infill can sometimes migrate from the surface due to usage or weather conditions and measuring the infill will indicate whether your pitch requires some additional infill to return the levels to their original condition. Our maintenance programme will leave your surface soft and clean with its fibres standing upright. We also check the seams and lines for any damage and repair any that are found.

PST Sport’s 8 Step Maintenance Programme

What Can You Do For Your Pitch?

While it’s essential that PST Sport carry out specialist maintenance annually at least, you can also conduct regular maintenance yourself. Rubbish, leaves and chewing gum should be removed weekly to prevent the pitch becoming dirty and clogged. After every 30 hours of use the surface should be brushed to agitate the infill and keep the artificial grass fibres standing upright. PST Sport can provide you with specialist maintenance equipment for your pitch.

PST Sport’s Maintenance Equipment