PST Sport Announces Partnership With Oxford City Football Club

PST Sport announce partnership with Oxford City Football Club. Pictured: Justin Merritt, Co-Owner & Director of Football at Oxford City FC & Colin Teahon, Managing Director, PST Sport

PST Sport is excited to announce its official partnership with Oxford City Football Club. This collaboration comes on the heels of the successful completion of a state-of-the-art artificial turf pitch at the club’s home grounds, RAW Charging Stadium.

Following Oxford City Football Club’s promotion to the Vanarama National League, PST Sport was chosen as their pitch resurfacing partner to upgrade the existing artificial turf pitch to FIFA Quality Pro standards.

PST Sport is also proud to announce its sponsorship of player Olly Sanderson who has been lighting up the National League this season.

PST Sport’s Managing Director, Colin Teahon, said:

“Excited to announce our partnership with Oxford City Football Club. PST Sport’s recent completion of a state-of-the-art FIFA Quality Pro artificial turf pitch at RAW Charging Stadium stands as a testament to our collective ambition to provide best in class playing facilities that are accessible from morning to night regardless of the weather.”

PST Sport is proud to be associated with Oxford City Football Club, serving as both a sponsor and partner in this exciting venture. As industry leaders, PST Sport is a design and build specialist contractor focusing exclusively on the design and construction of world-class artificial turf pitches. This includes subbase, playing surfaces and supporting infrastructure.

PST Sport’s Bryn Lee added:

“PST Sport is thrilled to join forces with Oxford City Football Club. With PST Sport’s new artificial turf pitch, the club benefits from the very latest in surface technology, with the playing surface consisting of three different shapes and shades of fibre. This allows the pitch to play to the highest standard, look more natural and last longer. Altogether, the system is perfect for such an ambitious club.”

PST Sport announce partnership with Oxford City Football Club

Why Choose PST Sport?

  • Complete Construction Solutions: A recognised industry leader, PST Sport offers a complete construction solution for any pitch development project, both green field sites and re-turfing older pitches, covering design, pitch construction and project management.
  • Tailored Design Solutions: With a proven track record working with some of the biggest names in sports, PST Sport provide custom pitch designs that meet clients’ specific requirements, guaranteeing maximum value for money and return on investment.
  • In-House Excellence: Demonstrating in-house excellence in civil engineering, PST Sport’s team excels in all areas of artificial turf pitch construction. PST provide expert advice to help you make informed decisions and ensure compliance with performance and quality standards.
  • The Most Advanced Artificial Turf Systems: PST Sport’s artificial turf systems are the most advanced in the market, offering unparalleled robustness, durability, resilience, safety, and player-friendly surfaces for optimal sports performance.
  • Extensive Portfolio: PST Sport’s extensive portfolio includes over 500 artificial turf pitches with numerous full-size pitches across Ireland and the UK. This includes multiple fields tested and approved to FIFA, World Rugby, GAA & FIH as well as many training size sports surfaces.
  • Comprehensive Services: PST Sport provides a comprehensive range of services, backed by an extremely committed in-house team with the experience and technical ability to ensure the success of every project.
      • Design & Planning
      • Subbase Construction
      • Fencing & Netting
      • Sports Floodlights
      • Shock Pad & Carpet
      • Testing Throughout Construction
      • Pitch Maintenance
  • Client-Centric Approach: Recognising that pitch projects require careful consideration, PST Sport’s approach begins by understanding their clients’ needs. PST will collaborate with you to deliver a fully designed and considered solution before the construction stage.

By providing a complete turnkey solution, from design and planning, pitch construction and testing, through to handover and maintenance, PST Sport is the No. 1 choice for any club or school building a new pitch or resurfacing an existing one.

Artificial turf pitch at Oxford City Football Club

For more information, please contact:

Helen Kelly
Marketing Manager at PST Sport

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About Oxford City Football Club

Oxford City Football Club is a dynamic and ambitious football club competing in the Vanarama National League. With a rich history and a commitment to success, the club strives for excellence on and off the pitch. For more information, visit Oxford City Football Club.