Meet PST Sport’s Intern – Vicky Teh

PST Sport's intern Vicky Teh

The PST Sport team have plenty of experience and quality education behind them. With each member of the team having strong knowledge of their field, whether in carpet installation, groundworks, finance, sales, and marketing, or quantity surveying, PST Sport is the ideal company for young, talented students to learn the tricks of the trade and gain valuable, real-life experience in the work force. Vicky Teh, who joined the company almost a year ago on work placement, is proof of just that.

Vicky’s Story

After completing a Diploma in Quantity Surveying, Vicky decided to study abroad for her degree programme. The counselor team from her previous college in Malaysia, Tar University College (TARUC) Penang Branch, recommended that Vicky further her studies (Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Quantity Surveying) in Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT), Ireland. This honours degree programme consists of a 12-month work placement in Year 3 of the programme which is called an ‘Active Learning Year’, which provides the opportunity to gain experience in the real-life construction industry. This is what brought Vicky to PST Sport.

Vicky has been working at PST Sport since October 2016 and has become a very valuable member of the team. She says it was a challenging starting point to study abroad in Ireland. Jokingly, Vicky claimed she had difficulties in understanding the Irish accent because everyone talks too fast. However, after a couple months of being treated well by the team and becoming more accustomed to the local accent, she is enjoying her time in Tralee, saying that her overseas journey to this point has been “unforgettable and life-changing.”

Her thoughts on artificial grass

Vicky admits to her lack of knowledge of artificial grass before working at PST Sport. In her home country of Malaysia, artificial grass is rarely seen, which sparked her curiosity about the product. After almost eleven months on placement, Vicky now understands the need for artificial grass and even encourages people in her home country to use it, as she says,

“As far as I can tell installing the artificial grass surfaces is convenient for everyone. This surface increases the awareness of the long term environmental and economic benefits. It is easier to maintain and pesticide-free. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass does not require any treatment with pesticide or fertiliser.”

“Furthermore, artificial grass has a more even playing surface than natural grass. This shows that the durability of artificial grass can minimise injuries. A good drainage system also helps to increase the playability of the artificial grass. It can be played on all the time no matter if it is a sunny or rainy day because a wet and muddy field may ruin a sports activity. This situation always happens in Malaysia and it spoils the fun. I hope that this great technique of artificial grass installation can be implemented in Malaysia in the near future.”

PST Sport

Vicky views PST Sport as a company run by a responsible, experienced and effective operation team. She says, “Our team is friendly and helpful on all inquiries about the installation of artificial grass, floodlights, fencing, and maintenance as well. We offer a high quality service on each pitch and garden installation to meet clients’ satisfaction. This ensures PST Sport becomes more popular around Ireland and UK.” Our slogan, ‘Your Pitch, Our Passion’, represents the company well, according to Vicky, as she says, “PST Sport take responsibility in taking care of all your pitches and lawns to ensure everyone can have fun with their family and friends. PST Sport is your best choice for reliable artificial grass.”

Vicky has become a vital part of what we do at PST Sport and a great person to have around the Tralee office. Everyone at PST Sport is glad to have her on board with us.

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