How an Artificial Grass Pitch Can Generate Income for Your Club

How Artificial Grass Pitches Can Generate Income for Your Club / PST Sport Artificial Pitches

Installing an artificial grass pitch for your club is not only a better way for your players to continuously train and maximise their potential, it’s also a better way for your club to see steady inflows of revenue. The upfront cost of installing an artificial grass surface may seem a bit high, but in the long run, it can save a lot of money in a number of ways:

Save money on maintenance costs

Artificial grass pitches don’t require a lot of maintenance. The days of watering and mowing the pitch will be long gone. No expensive fertilizers, lawn movers, weed killers, etc. On top of that, the long lasting nature of artificial grass saves money on replanting the natural grass. One hour long training session on natural grass could tear up the pitch so bad that it prevents other teams renting out that pitch for the rest of the week. In addition, matches being called off due to an unplayable surface is almost a weekly occurrence in the winter. Thousands of rural sports clubs all over Ireland & the UK would find it difficult to fund maintaining their natural grass pitches and overtime, sustaining a natural grass pitch can prove too costly for a club.

Increased revenue from renting your artificial grass pitch

Artificial grass pitches are perfect for clubs to rent out to other teams and the general public. The rise in popularity of small sided or 5-a-side football has seen an enormous increase in the demand for artificial grass pitches. A 5-a-side market enables players to keep playing the game they love. Yes, it may be a smaller field, but the spirit of the game remains untouched. The steady accumulation of a few euros or pounds here and there from potentially hundreds of players each week will reap the benefits later on.

PST Sport’s artificial grass pitches provide the perfect solution for clubs, schools, colleges and local authorities who are looking for a high-quality surface to play on all year round.

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