PST Sport sponsor The Southern Football League Club of The Month

Speaking at the announcement, the Southern Football League Chairman Terry Barratt stated:

“I am pleased that PST have joined the Southern League as a major Sponsor. PST Sport is a vibrant company with a wealth of experience in both Artificial and Grass pitches allied to a desire to help Clubs in Funding and Design.

I am particularly impressed with the Staff who are all experienced, particularly with regard to football, and would recommend all Clubs to give them a call.”

Terry Barratt, Chairman,
Southern Football League

PST Sport’s Managing Director Colin Teahon added:

“We are delighted to partner with the Southern Football League for the next three years. Non-league clubs are the cornerstone of PST Sport’s business in English football and our Club of the Month partnership is the beginning of a shared goal to improve pitch facilities across the League.

We will use our extensive in-house experience in Finance, Design, Maintenance and Construction to ensure the League’s 82 Clubs achieve the maximum benefit and playing performance out of their playing pitches.”

Colin Teahon, Managing Director,
PST Sport

Pitch Partners Achieving Goals

Having built over 400 artificial grass pitches, PST Sport understand that one of the biggest challenges facing non-league football is having pitches to train and play matches on all year around. 3G pitches have become a necessity for many clubs and the Southern Football League recognised PST Sport as a trusted company who could help their clubs achieve this goal.

Using substantial in-house experience, PST Sport will deliver educational roadshows with expert speakers on pitch design, construction, finance and maintenance to maximise clubs’ investment, and in turn success.

What PST Sport Deliver

PST Sport design, construct and maintain the most technologically advanced artificial grass pitches, both green field sites and re-turfing older pitches. We deliver world-class sports surfaces for clubs, allowing players at all levels to perform to the highest level all year round.

Helen Kelly
Marketing Manager
📞: +353 66 717 1918