Introducing TILEA® Air Domes

PST Sport is delighted to partner with global leader TILEA®, a producer and distributor of state-of-the-art double layered self-supporting structures for the sports industry. Similar to PST, TILEA’s emphasis has always been on developing new innovative technologies bringing opportunities that the previous generation of athletes could never have dreamed of.

Working with TILEA®, PST Sport deliver easy-to-install, technologically advanced, energy saving and weather resistant Air Dome solutions tailored to your specific project needs. Utilising proven technology we are able to roof an area of practically any reasonable size, be it a single tennis court or a full-size pitch.

Our double-layer energy-efficient Air Domes feature a reinforced inner membrane, advanced anchoring solutions and high-tech inflation, air exchange as well as ventilation and heating adaptations that are controlled by multiple systems. Our Air Domes also feature high corners, allowing players to use the whole playing field.
PST Sport air supported domes
PST Air Domes

Benefits of TILEA® Air Domes

TILEA’s Air Domes are made using the most technologically advanced materials at their state-of-the-art production facility in Slovakia. Quality and durability of any air supported structure is as good as as the quality and durability of the raw materials used, and the way they are welded together. TILEA® is proud to work with the world leader in flexible composite material technology, Swiss company Serge Ferrari, whose innovative solutions are always one step ahead of the competition.

Both classic PVDF-coated fabrics and special non-absorbent low-wick materials with fluoride or titanium dioxide coating are used. All variations of the materials used are characterized by exceptional strength and are UV resistant, have antifungal treatment, repel dirt and are protected against ice and snow freezing. The membrane design helps avoid heat bridges and heat losses with energy saving ventilation and heating.

Extremely Strong Membranes

Both the outer and inner membrane of our domes are extremely tough. This means that not only will the membrane withstand any weather but it will not tear once hit by tennis racket or football.

High Corners = Better Game

In regular domes, players cannot kick corner kicks and tennis players often hit the wall with rackets, especially in smaller domes and playing in doubles. TILEA® Domes have increased corners, the height over the goal is 7m and height over goal area is 9m. This enables kicking regular corner kicks.

Easy Installation & Rapid Install Time

Our air domes are installed by skilled installation teams, guaranteeing proper installation, smooth operation and long life. 

Innovative Anchoring

The basis of every air dome. Anchoring air supported structures is designed based on uplift and horizontal forces. TILEA® have developed anchors consisting of two parts. The permanent part of the anchor is completely buried underground and doesn’t interfere with the game when the dome is not installed.

Better Insulation Properties

In terms of insulation properties, TILEA® double-layered Air Domes rank among the world’s top. To minimize heat loss, a comprehensive approach is adopted, including improved airflow, high quality membrane materials, thermal bridges, isolation and improved thermostats. The thermal savings in comparison to older dome types are > 50%.

Extended Warranty

Our Air Domes come with 5-year long warranties on membranes and LED spotlights and 2-year warranty on ventilation and heating units and all other components.

Reliable Ventilation & Heating Systems

Our heating and ventilation systems are unique – as the world’s only producer we offer systems that continue to provide heat, light and regular pressure even in the case of electricity failure.

Dome Facilities

On request, we install showers, toilets, facilities for gastronomy, changing rooms, stands, gates and everything to deliver a fully equipped “turnkey” hall.

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Our Air Domes are designed for all areas of professional and recreational sports activities. They minimise damage regardless of poor weather and elevate your club or school’s ability to operate year-round. For more information or for a free quotation, click here to get in touch – CONTACT US.