Partnership with DUOL Air Domes

In partnership with DUOL, PST Sport have created a practical, easy-to-install yet technologically advanced solution which is tailored to each individual installation. Air domes are air supported structures that don’t require structural support such as poles or columns. Air domes are extremely cost effective and the materials used are translucent so there is no requirement for an indoor lighting system during daylight hours.

Air dome - air supported structure

DUOL air supported structures are created from one or more layers of continuous flexible membrane which is safely fastened or anchored at various points, either to the wall or ground. Then air blowers pump air into the structure which is inflated and supported by pressurized air. Certain specifications/guidelines are followed making the air domes structurally sound and safe. DUOL air domes are fully tested and quality approved with direct delivery from factory floor to your sporting facility.

Air Domes by PST Sport

Benefits of DUOL Air Domes

DUOL air supported structures offer exceptional cost benefits over traditional construction methods and are hugely flexible. Cost of design, manufacture, site preparation and installation are all a mere fraction of those of conventional construction making air domes ideal for seasonal or temporary structures. Utilizing our proven technology we are able to roof an area of practically any reasonable size, be it a single tennis court or a large football pitch.

PST Sport Duol Air Domes PDF

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